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  • Gemstone Box Selenite

    Gemstone Box Selenite


     “Meal Prep” is the hot new food trend that’s getting kitchens steaming around the world. Cook and take your own food with you – instead of eating out with expensive and often unhealthy food. The Food Jar made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel is a new development based on the excellent insulating properties of the…

  • Helia Travel Mug Peach Color 0.45lHelia MugsStainless Steel Helia Travel Mug Peaceful Blue 0.45lHelia Mugs

    Helia Mugs


    MAKING HYDRATION A BREEZE Every detail of the Helia Tumbler Mug has been thoughtfully designed to make your drinking experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. It is spill-proof with a removable silicon mouthpiece that provides an exceptionally comfortable drinking angle and a wide mouth top, making it easy to fill with ice cubes or…

  • Kids Cup Set in Four Different Colors and Handmade DesignKids Cup Set 0.35 LPresentation of Kids Cup SetKids Cup Set 0.35 L

    Kids Cup Set 0.35 L


    KIDS CUP SET Colourful designs for girls and boys instead of standard cups! The new Kids Cup made of 18/8 stainless steel is all you need to make sure your child drinks enough water. Kids Cups are free from BPA, recyclable and plastic-free – a perfect alternative to disposable cups and bottles. The cups are…

  • kIds Water Bottle Titan Jungle Friend 0.35LKids Water Bottle MiracleMiracle Kids Titan Furry Friend 0.35L kIds Water BottleKids Water Bottle Miracle

    Kids Water Bottle Miracle


    KIDS WATER BOTTLE MIRACLE These little sea friends on the SIGG Kids Water Bottle accompany your kids on all their adventures – whether they’re on their way to kindergarten or to the playground. The very light tritan bottle is free from harmful chemicals, such as oestrogen-mimicking substances, BPA and phthalates. It is particularly stable and…

  • Stainless Steel Kids Water Bottle Shield One Space 0.5LKids Water Bottle Shield OneSteel Kids Water Bottle Shield One Atlantis 0.5LKids Water Bottle Shield One

    Kids Water Bottle Shield One


    SHIELD ONE KIDS WATER BOTTLE Get in position, ready, go! Astronauts have already embarked on a cosmic journey. But even in space you need adequate hydration. Our Shield One kids bottle with a One top will surely become your favorite! The single-walled, recyclable drinking bottle is made of 18/8 stainless steel. All materials are food-safe…

  • kids Water Bottle Viva One Speed Race 0.5LKids Water Bottle VIVA OnePolypropylene Water Bottle for Kids Viva One HorsesKids Water Bottle VIVA One

    Kids Water Bottle VIVA One


    VIVA ONE KIDS WATER BOTTLE “Look at how thirsty you make me, my dear pony!” Time flies by when little or big pony fans are with their favourite companion. All the better that the bright red bottle is always at hand! The high-quality, recyclable VIVA drinking bottle is made from transparent polypropylene, making it easy…

  • Aluminum Kids WMB One My Universe Water Bottle 0.6LKids Water Bottle WMBWMB One My Dive Kids Water Bottle 0.6LKids Water Bottle WMB

    Kids Water Bottle WMB


    WMB ONE KIDS WATER BOTTLE My Universe – my bottle! Discover the world with our new SIGG WMB ONE bottle and always stay hydrated. The high-quality, recyclable aluminum drinking bottle is extremely easy to transport and is equally suited for both school and leisure activities. The material is free of harmful chemicals, such as BPA,…

  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle Meridian Black 0.5LMeridian Water BottlesInsulated Steel Water Bottle Meridian Blue 0.5LMeridian Water Bottles

    Meridian Water Bottles


    MERIDIAN WATER BOTTLE SIGG Meridian – new, stylish and plastic-free* companion of your everyday activities. The slim drinking bottle made of double-walled 18/8 stainless steel keeps drinks hot or cold for hours and is a must-have accessory for everyone who values trendy yet sophisticated designs. The bottle is double-walled, vacuum insulated and copper plated on…

  • Metallic Green Lunch Box SmallMetal Lunch BoxMetallic Aluminum Color Lunch Box SmallMetal Lunch Box

    Metal Lunch Box


    Award-winning and featherweight – you just can’t beat it! Can’t you? Oh, but you can! We have completely redeveloped the classic SIGG Food Box, equipping it with some excellent new features. For example, a dishwasher-safe and microwaveable insert as well as separator made from polypropylene. And we’ve also taken another look at the already sophisticated…

  • Stainless Steel Miracle Travel Mug 0.27lMiracle Travel MugsSteel Miracle Travel Mug Brushed 0.27LMiracle Travel Mugs

    Miracle Travel Mugs


    Single-use cups cause a lot of waste – get a reusable mug from SIGG instead! Our Miracle thermo mug is made of stainless steel and is double-wall insulated, which keeps your coffee or tea hot or cold for hours. The mug is equipped with a secure button: push to drink and release to close. It’s…

  • Stainless Steel Neso Travel Mug White 0.3LNeso Travel MugsNeso Travel Mug Black 0.3LNeso Travel Mugs

    Neso Travel Mugs


    TRAVEL MUG NESO Noble Pure Ceram coating, modern design and genuine drinking experience. The new Neso cup is the ‘Best of all worlds’. Made of 18/8 stainless steel and coated with Pure Ceram layer on the inner and outer wall, it preserves the natural taste and smell of all hot or cold drinks and is…

  • School Lunchbox Set VIVA Football Tag for KidsSet VIVA Kids Lunch BoxVIVA Jurassica Lunch Box Set For School KidsSet VIVA Kids Lunch Box

    Set VIVA Kids Lunch Box


    SET VIVA KIDS LUNCHBOX FOOTBALL TAG Make lunch fun and flavorful with our VIVA Kids Lunchbox andVIVA bottle! The lunchbox will maintain the natural taste and smell of food for hours, and it’s microwave safe for those moments when you need a quick reheat. Convenient removable dividers can be arranged in three different positions, making…

  • Shield Therm OneShield Therm One

    Shield Therm One


    SHIELD THERM ONE The Shield Therm ONE might just be our coolest bottle yet (literally). It offers a perfectly refined drinking experience thanks to a mouthpiece specifically designed for ideal liquid flow and a one-push top that can be opened and closed easily with just one hand. The vacuum-insulated copper-coated double wall construction will keep…

  • Shield Therm One KidsShield Therm One Kids

    Shield Therm One Kids


    SHIELD THERM ONE Meet the coolest kid’s bottle around! The Shield Therm ONE Kids bottle is easy to open and close thanks to the one-push top, yet durable enough to sustain a tumble without leaking. The vacuum insulated copper-coated double-wall construction will keep your child’s favorite beverages cold for an incredible 36 hours. It doesn’t…

  • Gemstone IBT Obsidian Water Bottle 0.5LThermo Flask Gemstones IBT Water BottlesGemstone IBT Steel Water Bottle Selenite 0.5LThermo Flask Gemstones IBT Water Bottles

    Thermo Flask Gemstones IBT Water Bottles


    Hiking, mountain biking, canoeing… No matter what, our double-walled stainless steel thermo bottle from the Gemstone collection will be your reliable companion. It keeps your drink hot or cold for hours due to it’s vacuum insulation. The cap can also be used as a cup, which makes drinking even easier.  DOUBLE-WALLED 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL Like…

  • Thermo Flask Hot & Cold One Light Water Bottle Black 0.55LThermo Flask Hot & Cold One Light Water BottleThermo Flask Hot & Cold One Light Water Bottle Brushed 0.55LThermo Flask Hot & Cold One Light Water Bottle

    Thermo Flask Hot & Cold One Light Water Bottle


    HOT & COLD ONE LIGHT Slim, chic and practical. A convincing model update in the Hot & Cold One range proves how good things can become even better: 10% lighter, 10% more volume and 40% smoother running screw cap (compared to previous bottle generation). Moreover, the bottle made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel is vacuum-insulated…