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This is one of the best water bottles I've bought so far. The prism violet looks very similar to how it's depicted in the picture, except it's a little shinier with a metallic sheen. I was weary at first about metal bottles because I was afraid it would make my water have this metallic after taste to it but it doesn't! This was a great bottle for when I was at a theme park because I could pour my fountain soda into the bottle and enjoy my favorite rides with out having to worry about finishing the soda or it spilling everywhere.
Stephanie Chen Emeryville
My project-1 (7)
This bottle is even more beautiful than in the picture. The blue one is quite nice too. I bought them as gifts and so haven't used them, but Sigg is the leader in this business. I am sure they will be great. If they had offered this design in a smaller size I would have bought it, but this one is not too large to fit in the large size cup holders and in pockets on backpacks.
L. Pierce
New York
I've had this bottle for more than two years now. I stored all sorts of liquids in there. I've dropped it well it's full and dented it up pretty bad. The bottle still holds up very well, still keeps my liquid relatively cool. The paint hasn't chipped that much and I'm surprised at how good it still looks. The seal on the cover is in great shape except that it gets really moldy. Overall I'm very happy with this bottle.
Alessandro Zuniga Tallahassee