Benjamin, 21

Whenever my student budget allows it, I travel as much as I can during the semester breaks. I love to explore new countries by backpacking, especially in Asia and South America. Since I often visit more than one country per trip, I need reliable travel gear that is applicable almost everywhere. At the same time, it has to fit into my budget.

Paul, 34
Web Designer

Probably some people would describe me as a tech geek. Before buying a product, I usually spend quite some time on online research to ensure I get a lasting product with a simple design which is worth the money. No matter if at home or on holidays, I only want my family and me to use gadgets that are safe and of high quality.\

María, 36
Project Manager

Since I am often on the road for business trips where I always carry my laptop, I need a very powerful travel adapter. For all my USB devices, chargers with multiple ports are perfect. Besides a nice and contemporary design, I place value on durability and high-quality workmanship.

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